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Introduction: Welcome to AODstats, the Victorian alcohol and drug interactive statistics and mapping webpage.
AODstats provides information on the harms related to alcohol, illicit and pharmaceutical drug use in Victoria.

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The ‘claims’ on cannabis often reach legendary status, particularly as the pro-drug lobby hijack the market place communications and create ‘feeding frenzy’ headlines!

We have always said that a 140 character Tweet is mightier than 10,000 hard evidence-based research journals, in our current information rich, but knowledge poor social media culture!

This webpage Snake Oil Cannabis? Scientific evidence for the medical benefits Scientific evidence for the medical benefits, is at least one attempt to get some balance away from propaganda and hype of the ‘info-tainment’ that is passing as research news, which only continues to aid and abet the manufactured consensus around this plant! 

We want to make perfectly clear that for the most part this info-graph is in concert with the current scientific evidence to date. However, at least one piece of data on the chart we know should be recategorized out of the ‘promising’ category to, at best, ‘INCONCLUSIVE’. The vast majority of the ‘data’ around cannabis impact on pain is at best anecdotal, and evidence from placebo trials are almost as effective on ‘pain’ as some cannabis formulations!  

What is also very important to remember, if the product you are using is not Fully vetted, tested and trialled to FDA (Food & Drug Administration) and/or TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) and/or MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency) standards and registered as a pharmaceutical, it is NOT medicine, it is Snake Oil!

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