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Introduction: Welcome to AODstats, the Victorian alcohol and drug interactive statistics and mapping webpage.
AODstats provides information on the harms related to alcohol, illicit and pharmaceutical drug use in Victoria.

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EXCESSIVE middle-aged drinkers risk setting a similar path for their kids as booze-related hospital admissions soar among older people. 

Construction and hospitality industry workers have been identified as among the heaviest drinkers. 

Most middle-aged people are drinking at home, but heavy sessions at sports bars also pose a risk. 

New VicHealth analysis shows alcohol-related hospital admissions among people aged 40-65 increased in all but three of Melbourne’s 31 council areas between 2011 and 2015. VicHealth principal program officer Maya Rivis told the Sunday Herald Sun middle-aged parents who drank heavily could end up passing bad habits on to their kids. “Young people model their parents’ behaviours,’’ Ms Rivis said. “There is evidence to say if the parents drink a lot, then a young person is more likely to take up drinking.” Stonnington, taking in South Yarra and Prahran, posted the highest rate of alcohol-related hospital admissions in 2014-15 , with 200 residents treated for every 10,000 people. 

Port Phillip, Greater Dandenong, Bayside, Frankston, Yarra, Knox and the Mornington Peninsula were also problem areas. 

Manningham, Glen Eira and Yarra Ranges had the biggest percentage increase in hospitalisations, with rates soaring more than 20 per cent. 

Uniting senior social justice advocate Mark Zirnsak said greater controls on bottle shop numbers was needed to curb access to alcohol, which was also linked to assaults and family violence. 

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