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Introduction: Welcome to AODstats, the Victorian alcohol and drug interactive statistics and mapping webpage.
AODstats provides information on the harms related to alcohol, illicit and pharmaceutical drug use in Victoria.

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On Sunday the Victorian Government announced reforms to the Liquor Control Reform Act.
The Victorian Government media release about the reforms is available here.
In summary the reforms include:

  • banning alcohol advertising within 150 metres of all Victorian schools (though they will not extend to promotions on the exteriors of pubs, clubs or bottle shops or sporting grounds and racecourses)
  • removing a loophole that allows minors accompanied by a parent or guardian to be served alcohol with a meal on licensed premises
  • requiring delivery drivers to check identification before leaving alcohol with a person who appears underage
  • introducing fines of more than $19,000 for the delivery of alcohol to a minor.
  • allowing people to take away their unfinished open bottles of liquor from licensed cafes and restaurants,
  • reducing the time taken to transfer liquor licences following the sale of a business
  • eliminating the need for multiple licences for spirit producers.

The Alcohol Policy Coalition (APC) has responded to the reforms. The APC media release is available. 

Further information about alcohol harm zones is available in the APCs submission to the 2016 review of the Liquor Control Reform Act.

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Principal Program Officer, Alcohol and Tobacco (VicHealth)


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