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Introduction: Welcome to AODstats, the Victorian alcohol and drug interactive statistics and mapping webpage.
AODstats provides information on the harms related to alcohol, illicit and pharmaceutical drug use in Victoria.

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Written by Ana Sandoiu  Monday 22 May 2017

When studies first suggested that alcohol, in moderation, may improve health, many of us were delighted at the news. But a new, in-depth review of these studies suggests that believing the health benefits of alcohol may be wishful thinking.

New research suggests that the studies previously indicating that alcohol is good for one's health may have been biased.

Previous research has indicated that a moderate amount of alcohol can protect against heart disease.

More than 100 prospective studies have shown an inverse correlation between moderate alcohol intake - defined as no more than one daily drink for women, and no more than two drinks per day for men - and the risk of heart attack, blood clots, stroke, and other adverse cardiovascular events.

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