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If you are reading this, then you have a wonderful opportunity to be part of a new proactive movement dedicated to helping the next generation get a better start in life. As you are probably aware Isabella’s list birthed out of the pioneering protective spirit of the movement that Isabella Dalgarno committed herself to. It was (and still is) women like Isabella who saw, not just the immediate problem, but long term potential dangers and set about making a difference for her and our generation.

Joining Isabella’s List is a simple yet important action that makes you part of a group of women (particularly mothers, mothers to be, or ‘someday’ mum)  that want to take steps to make our communities safer, healthier and free from the scourge of illicit drugs and the damage of alcohol, and promoting such from life in the womb to adulthood.

We have asked the following questions of hundreds, if not thousands of parents in recent years and not once have we had someone vote in the affirmative.

We have asked…

  • Does anyone here believe their children or grandchildren will be better off on alcohol or other drugs?
  • Does anyone here believe their children or grandchildren will be better off with easier access to alcohol or other drugs?
  • Does anyone here believe that the supply of drugs and drug taking equipment ashould be a higher priority than rehabilitation for your children or grandchildren?
  • Does anyone here believe thier children or grandchildren will be better off having to wait until addiction presents before any steps can be made to intervene?

No functional or caring woman believes that the most precious gift, children, are going to benefit from exposure to or participation with these substances and as such wants to protect them from the physiological, psychological and social harms of these substances, particularly from conception to 21 years of age.

The Mission of Isabella’s List is….

'As women, we understand that we are the primary nurturing and caring gate-keepers of children’s health and well being and our intent is to ensure that the children, and future children, of our communities are given the greatest assistance possible to reach their full potential. In joining ‘Isabella's list’ we join with others in working to have our families and communities free of the scourge of illicit drugs. We are also committed to preventing harm from the legal drugs – alcohol and tobacco, particularly to our children and the youth in our community.'

As a Member of Isabella’s list I will….

  • as a woman and/or mother, I agree to have my name and email address added to a growing list of supporters
  • have opportunities to be part of community action initiatives such as petitions, surveys and sometimes lobbying
  • endeavour to get at least 5 other mums/women to sign onto Isabella's List in the first year of my participation and continue to promote the list whenever I can.
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